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I write fantasy, science fiction and romance. I'm also a vampirophile--a mere indication of my overall tendency toward the dark side, and a cat lover. When I'm not writing, I'm reading everything and anything that catches my attention, or becoming way too fascinated with horror films, um, with vampires especially.

cherry blossom time

The weather’s turned cold again, but the sun shines brightly everyday. Severe storms were predicted for this week, but guess they passed elsewhere. It’s 59 degrees today. I was worried about the pending storm because I’m flying off to California on Saturday on my way to Japan, an unexpected trip to a country I’ve always wanted to visit, a distant wish I didn’t think would ever become real (despite my upcoming cruise to China in August–another dream trip). I’ll be traveling with a good friend and we leave next Thursday out of LAX. I’m excited! I’ll get to visit with my California friends, see faces I’ve sorely missed, and then off to exciting Tokyo. Oh yes there are places we plan to see–first, the Cherry Blossom Festival, which will have started in Tokyo by the time we arrive, and then Kyoto, city of temples, Mount Fuji, the Arashiyama bamboo forest, and I hope we can squeeze in a tour of the Tokyo Imperial Palace (a reservation is required), among the many other wanderings we plan to do. And sushi, sushi, sushi! Not to mention shopping! Tokyo’s Ginza is full of great stores, and I plan on dropping some yen! I’ll be taking lots of photos and doing as much journaling as possible so I can write about it here. It’s going to be a fabulous trip!

How much editing on Shadow Walk have I done this week? Not much! Besides preparing for the trip, I had to get my taxes done. So taxes are done and in the mail. Shadow Walk can hang until I return in April, and also I’d like to return to writing A Fall of Diamonds then.

I’m planning to publish Shadow Walk and I’d actually set a release date of May 31, but now I’m thinking not. It needs more editing and revising work and I don’t even have a cover for it yet!

I’m halfway through the first draft of A Fall of Diamonds. It’s been sitting since I took time to write a new ending for Shadow Walk and move along into the edit phase. A second draft is pending, and then it goes to my two beta readers, so you see, a May 31 release date was ridiculous!

Now I’ve got a short story to polish and, if I can settle down my monkey mind, get it submitted today.

Happy writing!






The Scent of Wrath

I thoroughly enjoyed The Scent of Wrath, Book 2 in The Seven Deadly Sins series. When Olivia McKibben glimpses a face from her past, an old fear returns to haunt her and threaten the safety of her and her ten-year old son, Brian. Greta Boris weaves a tense story of maternal love, trauma, and the vengeful anger of wrath. For this book I suggest classic reading mode–an easy chair and your beverage of choice.




Found Dead in Arugula

51ZSNHkenmLI finished Found Dead in Arugula by Michelle Knowlden with a delighted grin. When Quaker widow Faith Lisstrom is arrested for murder, help comes unexpectedly from a lost love. This charming story kicks off a new cozy mystery series by Ms. Knowlden, author of the intriguing Abishag Mysteries and the engaging Deluded Detective series. Ms. Knowlden is adept at creating heart-warming characters and villains whom we understand, giving her stories a human depth that makes her mysteries a pleasure to read.


IMG_0018Spring has sprung here in southeast Alabama. The weather has been lovely, hitting 80 degrees F a couple weeks ago. The flowering trees are in full spring regalia–the Japanese magnolia cloaked in lovely cream pink blossoms and the Cleveland Pear as pretty as a bride in white. There’s a house in my neighborhood with five of these snowy beauties in a row. You see them and your heart leaps. clevelandpear

I’m on track with my goals so far, ‘though I’m veering off a little bit.

2018  Writing Goals

  • Submit a book proposal — Done!
  • Finish writing Possessed by January 31 — Done!
  • Write A Haunting of Roses — In progress, until a week ago
  • Rewrite A Lamentation of Swans
  • Revise Errors of Choice (NANO 2017)
  • Edit Loose Daddy

Up until last week, I’d been working diligently on A Haunting of Roses. It’s at 25,889 words and I’ve hit a wall. Found myself not looking at the manuscript, just brain-dead about it despite the fact that I have an entire outline, a synopsis, and pages and pages of notes. So I set it aside, and gave the brain something else to do–editing Shadow Walk–not even listed on my goals, but it’s coming along fine. I’ll be traveling to California and Japan in March, hope to pick up A Haunting of Roses in April. I’ve scheduled the Shadow Walk edits to be done by May 31st. I’m nearing the end of the first round and there’ll be at least two more rounds before it’s ready for publication.

japanese magnolia
Japanese Magnolia

2018 Goals


Writing Goals

  • Submit a book proposal*
  • Finish writing Possessed by January 31**
  • Write A Haunting of Roses
  • Rewrite A Lamentation of Swans
  • Revise Errors of Choice (NANO 2017)
  • Edit Loose Daddy

Skills Goal

  • Become proficient at writing queries and proposals
  • Participate in a pitchfest

*I submitted a book proposal to Carina Press, January 7
**I finished Possessed, January 25

Short Fiction to Submit

  • The Apartment
  • Dead, Baby!
  • Into the Night
  • Abstract Synchrony
  • Second Incursion
  • Dust
  • Lost and Found
  • Parting Gift

Research Trips

Japan – March 29 – April 7, 2018
China – August 23 – September 5, 2018