a dumb fury of work

Vincent van Gogh described himself as painting “in a dumb fury of work.” In a way, that describes my Nanowrimo experience this year, but I wasn’t nearly as successfully productive, especially since I lost interest in the story. Made it to 35,100 words and gave up. I put the manuscript and all my notes away. Another time perhaps.This was my 11th Nano and the first time I didn’t finish, but I’m fine with it.

The cold creeps into my feet through the wood floors of my 80-year old house, even though I’m wearing snuggly socks. So I prop them on a pillow. I’ve got the heat on so I’m not cold, but my feet gather chill.

I’m mentally “knitting” a new scene for A Fall of Diamonds. I need a stronger sense of it before I write the first word of Prince Laimond’s meeting with the Noraillean ambassador. I’ve made a list of notes for the scene and today’s work is more notes, and if I’m lucky, I may get that first word.