peering through the fog

Marksburg Castle, Game Alcove, Rhine River Cruise

There’s always a reason not to pursue your dreams, not to do what you’d love doing, but that’s how life is. As we mature, we recognize our limitations; sadly, we don’t always recognize our abilities and our talents, and even when we do, we often allow other voices to stop us. Justine Musk throws light into the murky corners…permission.

balky mare

That’s me, like a mare that won’t take the fence. The nightclub scene in Shadow Walk is the fence. I got a good start but now every time I run up to it, I stumble to a stop, prance around, stare at the pasture beyond. What’s the hold-up? It’s only a scene among other scenes. It’s not like I don’t know what’s going to happen. I do. I know the scene from beginning to end yet I’m having trouble writing it. Today will be yet another attempt.

I’m reading Hugh Howey’s I, Zombie, halfway through. I rarely write a review of a book, but I’ve already written a draft review for this one and will post the final review here when I finish the book. It’s an excellent novel, (and since zombies are not my favorite supernatural creatures–that’s saying something.) I do not recommend it for those with sensitive minds (not that I don’t have a sensitive mind, mind you), squeamish stomachs, and over-active imaginations. More to come. Right now, I got a fence to jump.

good work

Revised the Shadow Walk beat sheet again, and got a good start on the nightclub scene yesterday. We’re sliding toward summer’s end quicker than I like. Already the early morning sky bears an autumnal dimness, the seasonal rotation rising fast, but the days are still sunny and hot, and the nights drip with heat.

So far I’ve got 1,439 new words on SW, and I figure a few hundred words each day will see me through. I tend to write between 300 and 500 words each session. Must be patient. Considering giving myself more time by leaving home at 6 a.m. and getting in additional writing at the office before the day starts. I don’t want to bring on another flare, but I’d like to make more progress.