From Dean Wesley Smith’s excellent blog, an equally excellent article about indie publishing. As Dean says, well worth the read, and the comments are also informative.

carrying water in a sieve


In the Black Forest (Rhine River Cruise)

Last weekend I took the Save the Cat Screenwriting Beat Sheet Workshop; it was terrific! I got a better understanding of story structure, refined my ideas,  and now have a good base from which to develop Shadow Walk, both the screenplay and the novel. Jose Silerio was a great teacher, enthusiastic and inspiring, and an accomplished screenwriter himself. We worked hard through the weekend. I was up until 2 a.m. Sunday morning completing my beat sheet for Shadow Walk (took me back to my college days). When writing a novel, I tend to get lost in the forest of narrative, and plotting for me is like carrying water in a sieve. A screenplay requires  tighter focus; you have to visualize. One reason why the movie doesn’t always match the novel is if it can’t be seen; it can’t be filmed. The beat sheet workshop helped me rough out the wheels of the plot, and forced me to focus on developing a tight structure.

For the novel I’ve got more leeway, but I still have to shape and sharpen, and I already know the novel’s story structure will be different from the screenplay’s. Same cats, different fur.

It’s slightly muggy today–warm air, dim pasty blue  sky–but the weekend’s here at last! Friday, Friday, omg it’s Friday! Writing Saturday tomorrow! I’ve been at work this week on the screenplay and the novel. Hope tomorrow is productive. Happy writing!

shadow walk


Writing Shadow Walk. Things must appear normal but with hints of the not-normal. Revising the beat sheet again. Want to take an angled approach where the reader will suspect  something is wrong but can’t put the finger on what exactly. For the screenplay, definitely have to think visually; for the novel, all must be done solely with language and imagery.

Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany

Not too much to say; settling into summer. This past weekend was hellaciously busy, me running here and there like a panicked mouse, but I managed to take a walk and catch some of the sunny afternoon. And the writing…right now it’s story development for a western steampunk as well as for Shadow Walk, which is shaping up nicely–‘though no words on paper yet.

Took this photo of a Romanesque-style church during an afternoon walk from the Helvetia  into Rudesheim through a lovely park that was a serene oasis of trees and flowering bushes. I’m fascinated by church architecture, ‘though not at all religious. Medieval churches are such striking testaments to the art of building. A children’s playground was appended to one end containing large climbable pieces–a giant spider or bug of some sort  (I think) with a hole in the middle and others in the style of modern art sculptures.

We were on our way to the Drosselgasse, a narrow, single street stuffed with shops.  The Drosselgasse is a popular attraction in Rudesheim along with Rudesheim Coffee, a delightful coffee spiked with Asbach Uralt–a German brandy–topped with a cupola of whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate shavings and  served in a cream and pink  hourglass shaped porcelain cup. Yep. I’ve got the recipe and the cup along with its matching saucer.

Happy writing, d:)

blue sky smiles

July at last! Tomorrow’s the country’s birthday and mine too! I’m 24–again! Summer’s here at last–mornings still cool and cloudy, but by noon, the sun’s beaming and the sky blue and smiling.  Of course I’m giving myself a long weekend–5 free days; yay!Thursday though I’m painting my bedroom, and then, for the rest of my free time,  I hope to get some work done on Shadow Walk. Have a happy 4th of July everyone! (Oh–the photo’s from my Rhine River cruise, a town in the Rhine Valley, one of many we passed as we floated down the river one sunny afternoon. Love the towers!)

Delighted so many visitors like the photos from my European vacation. I’m not particularly good with cameras; have to give credit to the subjects of the lens. Not sure where I was when I took this shot. Heidelberg maybe?

it’s friday, friday!

Great Saint Martin Church in the Alter Market (Old Market), Cologne, Germany. I can’t stop staring at this photo. That church is stunning in its architectural intricacy. Only two weeks ago, I was there on a bright and sunny morning with soft, cool breezes off the Rhine. Great Saint Martin is one of twelve Romanesque beauties in Cologne. Begun in the 10th and 11th centuries it was rebuilt in the Romanesque style in the 12th and 13th centuries. Wikipedia has this picture of what it looked like after aerial bombings during World War II. It was fully restored by 1985. What a beauty.