attitude is everything


My mind is as dry as desert sand, but I insist that the muse get off her skinny butt and do something. Work progresses slowly on rewriting The Foreigner. To keep the words building, I set the timer and write for 15 minutes each day to start, and if I surpass the quarter hour, then I keep going. Word count so far is 21,537. I’ve done a lot of cutting from the original version, and I’ve got a new ending now.

I wasn’t happy with the original ending–it was romantic and not real given the circumstances in the story. The story now ends more true to life.

Is the Prologue necessary? I’m thinking no. It does establish an emotional tone and introduces one of the two main characters, and provides motivation too, but it doesn’t raise any questions. It could be woven into the narrative. I like the idea of an epigraph, if I can find the right one.

Today I prepped the fence plot for planting–bellpeppers and something else. Have not decided what. Maybe the banana pepper.

Tomorrow is another day.