T-minus Z-plus


National Novel Writing Month is T-minus 8 days away and I’m fretting. I know I shouldn’t do that. This year  for NANO I’m writing a YA zombie novel–yep, you read that right. Zombie-phobic me is going to give it a go. Not that I’ve suddenly become a zombie fanatic; I decided I ought to move outside of my comfort zone. And my zombies will definitely be the disgusting decaying dead, shuffling, driven, and ravenous. I don’t know what my sister and brother, orphaned in an apocalyptic world, are going to do.


And I won’t be writing alone. The Cohort will be with me. Still…it’ll be just me and Isis-Athena (my MacBook Pro), and oh yeah La Muse who will probably be sunning herself on a remote island and not thinking about poor me at all.

NANO does allow some prep work. I’ve got notes and a rough index card outline. I know a little of what’s going to happen. So I should focus on the fun part of prepping for NANO–muffins and chocolate and Cheetos! Ritz crackers! Coffee and tea! A bottle of wine–not for celebrating, just to get me through the pages! 50,000 words…sigh.

Happy writing!


the hours like birds on the wing



Yesterday and the day before was devoted to research for Princess of Rosenstein. Today I’m thinking Sleight of Hand needs attention. I’m stuck in the worst way and don’t know what to do about it. The story remains unfinished and I’m wondering if I’ll ever finish it. Getting stuck always makes me question my ideas.

The sunny days of October are sliding by, the hours like birds on the wing, and I sit wrestling with words, worrying about not finishing my story. I took an hour-long walk with my neighbor which left my arthritic knees unhappy for nearly three days, but the walk was good for my heart.

1382220991000-Bones-ep905-sc31pt-0910Bones last night was delightful, but incredibly, I dozed off during a commercial break and missed the resolution of the crime–woke up just in time for Brennan’s and Booth’s wedding–thank goodness! Best TV nuptials ever! Still, I want to know what happened to the poor victim. 

Took advantage of a free month from Redbox in partnership with Verizon, and the trial membership also comes with four movie credits so not only do I get to watch movies for free for a month, but I get four additional movies for free too. This week I watched After Earth and Oblivion. After Earth was disappointing, but Oblivion was surprising–it was good. A complex science fiction story, nicely executed. 

What bothered me about After Earth was the acting–not very good. Will Smith usually does so much better. The story was a father/son tale, but I dunno, I was expecting more. I still have two free credits to use. Guess I’ll get Ironman 3, or Now You See Me or World War Z tonight. Hmm–my abhorrence of zombie films seems to be weakening, but I still have no intention of watching The Walking Dead.

Time to get back in the ring with Sleight of Hand. Writers write.