Day 29


50,505 words. Done and won!



Day 28


48,057 words. images I’m so relieved! Wrote the final scene today, but I’m not finished yet of course. I just couldn’t wait for it any longer and had to get it down! Frost struck last night, the grass was white-tipped this morning, but the brain and the fingers didn’t feel its bite.  I woke up with the final scene on my mind, made a large cup of coffee, wrapped myself in my robe, and settled in my office. I tappity-tapped tapped 2,987 words to the final line of dialogue spoken by the heroine. It could be the last line in the story, and it might be when I revise, but I’ve got 1,943 more words to write (at least) to ring the winner’s bell–so one more scene! Yippety!


Day 26 and Day 27


45,070 words. Tough going yesterday, but I finally finished that difficult scene I started writing three days ago. Last night I wrote 5 pages and finished the scene. It clocks in at 4,721 words–a chapter, I think; it encompasses a unified sequence. Today I wrote 2,005 words and finished another scene.

Outside it’s bright, sunny, and cold. Three more days. Three scenes to go.


Day 24


40,345 words. Proud of myself today–wrote 2001 words of a difficult scene, not finished yet though. The scene will take at least five or six more pages, but I’m happy to have made it through a significant part of it. 9,655 more words to go to finish the manuscript. I always write through the last day of NaNo. My reward for reaching 40,000 words: Shopping! Recently received The Vermont Country Store catalog. I love catalog shopping! Reminds me of the days when I would save my babysitting money and sit dreamily leafing through the Sears catalog for new clothes.

I am not doing this next year. I promise.


Day 23


38,344 words. Exactly three words beyond Day 23’s target of 38,341. I’m coming upon a very difficult scene, difficult because I have absolutely no idea how to write it. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.