Day 30


Winning NANO is a kick to the creative ego, but it’s such an ordeal! Really I’m not stressing myself out in November next year, going to take a break. I’m sure I’ll be writing, but not under the NANO gun. The last few days I let the words spill on the page as haphazardly as they came, doing my best to hold back the perfection demon, the brain freeze, and the sinking despair that strikes when you feel like you’re writing crap and you know you are. How are you going to fix it and will you ever and is it even fixable?

NANO isn’t about getting the novel perfectly written; it’s about getting it written in any way that gets the novel done in 50,000 words (or more)! I’m happy to have written a good draft–yes it’s a crazy quilt of scenes, but I made it to a satisfying end. I thought I’d be writing right up to midnight today. The manuscript has great potential (as does every manuscript, I think). Was going to take December off, but not. Going to dive into editing and revising A Fall of Diamonds while it’s still smoking. I’d like to have the edits and revisions completed by 3/31/2019.

Happy writing!


Day 28


48,057 words. images I’m so relieved! Wrote the final scene today, but I’m not finished yet of course. I just couldn’t wait for it any longer and had to get it down! Frost struck last night, the grass was white-tipped this morning, but the brain and the fingers didn’t feel its bite.  I woke up with the final scene on my mind, made a large cup of coffee, wrapped myself in my robe, and settled in my office. I tappity-tapped tapped 2,987 words to the final line of dialogue spoken by the heroine. It could be the last line in the story, and it might be when I revise, but I’ve got 1,943 more words to write (at least) to ring the winner’s bell–so one more scene! Yippety!


Day 24


40,345 words. Proud of myself today–wrote 2001 words of a difficult scene, not finished yet though. The scene will take at least five or six more pages, but I’m happy to have made it through a significant part of it. 9,655 more words to go to finish the manuscript. I always write through the last day of NaNo. My reward for reaching 40,000 words: Shopping! Recently received The Vermont Country Store catalog. I love catalog shopping! Reminds me of the days when I would save my babysitting money and sit dreamily leafing through the Sears catalog for new clothes.

I am not doing this next year. I promise.


Day 23


38,344 words. Exactly three words beyond Day 23’s target of 38,341. I’m coming upon a very difficult scene, difficult because I have absolutely no idea how to write it. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


Day 21


35,584 words. Not quite up to it today. Stopped to make the cranberry orange relish and the yam-pecan casserole. The turkey breasts are nearly thawed, but not baking those until tomorrow morning.


Day 20


35,295 words. Thanksgiving looms and I’m a bit distracted thinking of the cooking I’ll do for the holiday. Not as much as last year when I hosted the family. We’re going to my sister’s house this year, but I’ll be bringing food also. Thank goodness I at least have the shopping done.


Day 19


32,976 words. Yippety! Thanksgiving is this week and I’m not going to write a word. Since I lost a day and had to catch up, an official day off would have put me behind. Now I can have a free Thanksgiving Day–will be going to my sister’s house. For Thanksgiving I’m roasting two turkey breasts, making a yam casserole, and my traditional orange cranberry relish that I make twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The family expects it so…

Plus bringing two pies, pumpkin and pecan, will pack it up kit and kaboodle and schlep it over to my sister’s. Her husband is smoking a turkey (heh heh–sorry, my brother-in-law is a wacky, ebullient guy and I could just see it), anyway, she’s making eggplant stuffing, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and corned beef (one of my nieces doesn’t like turkey), and for dessert, peach cobbler!

I’m going to stuff my face and not think about the book!