2018 Goals


Writing Goals

  • Submit a book proposal*
  • Finish writing Possessed by January 31**
  • Write A Haunting of Roses
  • Rewrite A Lamentation of Swans
  • Revise Errors of Choice (NANO 2017)
  • Edit Loose Daddy

Skills Goal

  • Become proficient at writing queries and proposals
  • Participate in a pitchfest

*I submitted a book proposal to Carina Press, January 7
**I finished Possessed, January 25

Short Fiction to Submit

  • The Apartment
  • Dead, Baby!
  • Into the Night
  • Abstract Synchrony
  • Second Incursion
  • Dust
  • Lost and Found
  • Parting Gift

Research Trips

Japan – March 29 – April 7, 2018
China – August 23 – September 5, 2018


One thought on “2018 Goals

  1. Congratulations on all that you accomplished in January! Huge achievements. You have a delightful 2018 planned and I wish you all the best with it. I love that picture!

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