33361, Errors of Choice. Having surpassed the Day 18 target on Saturday, my reward day was yesterday. Didn’t Nano, but I edited and revised a short  humorous horror story, The Apartment. It’s ready for submission and I was supposed to send it off today, but I didn’t. I want to read through it one more time. Yes I’m procrastinating over letting it go. I’m always afraid I’ve missed a mistake so I’ll read a story one more time before zipping it on its way to a chosen publisher. It’ll go out tomorrow.

Today, Monday, I made up for my day off and wrote 4,084 words. I’m terrified of falling behind because I know how my brain works–it’s a lazy ass–and will start capering about like a monkey in a tree if I don’t keep it in hand. I’m now 66% down the Nanowrimo road and what amazes me the most is how little fretting I’ve done in the past two weeks, and I’m looking forward to rewriting Errors of Choice during one of the Camp Wrimo’s next year. Probably April.


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