a rush into unselfconsciousness


Update:  30,190, Errors of Choice. Good productive session this morning! Can’t believe I wrote a difficult scene in one session. I was really worried that I wouldn’t get far today. By the way, yesterday I reached 28,482.

26,773, Errors of Choice. This novel absorbs my days and you’d think that would be enough to carry me through, but it isn’t. I’ve a number of stories pressing on my mind–two of the most pressing are Possessed and Loose Daddy.

Loose Daddy is a finished first draft. It took me a long time to reach the end, and the novel has set for years in my file, untouched. I wasn’t ready to revise and rewrite it; now I am.

Possessed also has been with me for a long time, another first draft, 75% percent written. I’m at Act III and I’ve drafted a list of scenes and sort of know what to do, but I haven’t got a handle on the final part yet. I have figured out that it works best divided into parts by the characters, Part 1- Randall; Part 2 – Deidre; Part 3 – Kenny; and the final Part 4 – Deidre. Once I saw that, the story aligned itself better, and now I need to write the final part, but have not carved out time for it because of EOC.

I plan to take December off from writing, and catch up on my reading. I like the idea of spending an entire month doing nothing but reading, recharging and entertaining myself through the visions of other writers. But Possessed presses on my mind so we shall see.

I’ve got my Thanksgiving menu planned. My sister and her family are coming over. It’s going to be a grand day and Errors of Choice will sit quietly in its binder on the desk in my office.

I’m heading toward the 30,000-word mark and the reward of a day off. Not sure if I posted my NaNo rewards. Here they are:

  • 10,000 words – New planner stickers (ordered from Amazon)
  • 20,000 words – Movie (I streamed The Dark Tower)
  • 30,000 words – Day off (not including Thanksgiving)
  • 40,000 words – Shopping (Antique store browsing)
  • 50,000 words – Open the bottle of cabernet sauvignon and have a glass or two

A friend suggested I give myself a bonus reward–have the book cover done. The one I mocked up is this one:

Slide1It’ll do for the my eyes only draft, and I’ll have it done by my favorite cover artist,  Angie at Fiverr.  It’ll be fun to have the manuscript in book form. I think it’ll make editing it fun too. I’ll see the mistakes more clearly.

It’s Saturday! I’m up early and I’ve got a long day of work planned.

Happy writing!