nano novel doings



Journaling about the Nano novel this morning yielded a title. I like to have a title, even if it’ll change. Not having one bothered me a bit, but I decided not to fret over it and to get on with the planning. So was brainstorming in the Moleskine and out popped a phrase–“errors of choice.” That’ll do! Baby has a name. Not particularly brilliant but it’ll work for the first draft, and the novel has a touch more dimension to it.

Coming up with a title made me think about doing a cover for the fun of it. I neglected to put that on my Preptober to do’s, but noted it in the journal list, and spent a little time creating a cover. I’m not a graphic artist, can’t draw a straight line with a ruler–no kidding–it takes me more than one try, but there’s my cover.

Using Scrivener’s Corkboard feature (love the index cards), I sketched out Act I and a half of Act II. Will note Act II when it’s outlined but right now these items are completed:

Set up Scrivener file
▫ Create a journal for the novel in Scrivener file
▫ Decide on a working title
▫ Brainstorm story notes
▫ Do Character profiles (Whose who and why)
▫ Figure out Character motives
Make a list of names
▫ Research photos for character
Figure out character personality types
Outline Act 1
Add a November word count calendar in Scrivener file
▫ Create a cover

I have not developed a premise–kind of cart before the horse way of working–but my initial idea has yielded quite a lot of story stuff, just have not distilled it into a sentence. No worries!