It’s that time of year again. November is rolling up and I’m getting ready for 30 days of intense writing. I’ve signed up at the Nanowrimo site and made my Preptober checklist, and have been working my way through it. The “to-do’s” are in no particular order. The italicized items are done.

Preptober Checklist

Set up Scrivener file
Create a journal for the novel in Scrivener file
▫ Decide on a working title
Brainstorm story notes
Do Character profiles (Whose who and why)
▫ Figure out Character motives
▫ Write a brief summary of each supporting character
▫ Develop premise
▫ Decide on a plot structure
Make a list of names
▫ Research photos for character
▫ Research photos for settings (Pinterest)
▫ Create a playlist
Figure out Character personality types
▫ Outline Act 1
▫ Outline Act 2
▫ Outline Act 3
▫ Plan rewards
▫ Stock up on snacks/coffee/tea/treats for November.
▫ Plan writing schedule
▫ Writing candle
▫ Add a November word count calendar in Scrivener file

I’ve done and won NaNo for the past 10 years; would be 11 years but I skipped it last year–was getting settled from my move to Alabama. I was going to write a YA fantasy, but a shiny new idea popped up with a few bells and whistles that I don’t usually get and lured me on with all the charm of my favorite vampire character (Anne Rice’s Lestat). It’s a contemporary novel–no vampires involved… this time. 🙂 I gave it the green light. I may still tinker with the YA fantasy after NaNo hours are done, if I have any operating brain cells left at the end of my writing day.



8 thoughts on “preptober!

  1. I’m a Lestat fan too. 😎😎 You’re so organized!! I wish I was, haha. I see you have a playlist on your to-do list; may I ask what sort of music you usually listen to? I’m a music nerd and I love hearing about other people’s tastes.

    • Hi Skyler, yes Lestat is the coolest and my other favorite vampire is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Count Saint-Germain–have you read any of those? As for my music, well, I have wide-ranging taste and an appreciation of a variety of music. I’ve a collection of classic and old school R&B, Michael Jackson, movie scores, rock, and some modern jazz and classical composers. I compose my playlists according to the mood and tone of the novel. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is actually one of the author’s on my TBR list. Glad to hear you enjoy her books! I’ve been a little hesitant to pick them up. Excellent taste! I’m a huge classical and R & B fan. There’s also a modern pianist I’m obsessed with, Yiruma. His work is incredible. I usually listen to a lot of Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, or Blues Brothers (different extremes, I know, haha), but my NaNoWriMo project doesn’t really fit anything I normally listen to, so I’m trying to find some new stuff.

    • Thanks, Skyler! The Saint-Germain novels, to borrow a review quote are: “A darkly poetic blend of historical fiction, erotic romance, and literary horror.” (The “erotic” romance is not blatant or raw.) The first book is “Hotel Transylvania,” but don’t be put off by the title–it’s really a good story and introduces Saint-Germain (although you might not be able to find it. She’s also written a number of fine historical novels.
      Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” is on my playlist for one of my vampire characters. I’ve not heard Yiruma–will have to check it out.
      Yeah I have not compiled my playlist yet–need to get started on that!

      • I’ll definitely check them out then. Sounds like something I would really enjoy!
        Centuries is a great song. 😄
        Ooh, Yiruma’s Moonlight and Kiss the Rain are some of his best pieces, if you want a recommendation.
        Good luck on that and on November!

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