be brave, be bold

I don’t think writers should suffer restrictions on how they use the tools of creative writing. In my opinion, with the exception of the rules of grammar and punctuation, in creative writing, there are no rules.

Writers should know grammar, punctuation and spelling–the essentials skills of clear communication, drummed in to us during our school years. Once you understand these things, you can have fun with deconstruction, meta-fiction, avant-garde creativity and all the tricks of style and voice you want. In short, once you know the technical rules, you can break them in the name of artistic license as long as you know how to break them in the best way.

But when it comes to writing fiction and the use of fiction’s techniques, it’s an open universe. The techniques of narration like exposition, point of view, dialogue are tools for the creative writer’s use. As long as the writing is clearly conveyed, as long as the reader is not confused or discombobulated, the writer can use the tool in whatever way best fits the narrative, and you don’t have to be famous or a literary genius to “break the rules.” Be good at what you’re doing and know the reason why.

There are no rules. Write freely. Be clear. Be bold. Be beautiful.


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