chin up!

IMG_1457 Feeling much better about Runaway Heart–giving it a cooling off period and will look at it again later, in a month or so.

Meanwhile, I’m focusing on A Fall of Diamonds, writing my way into Part II, fingers crossed that it will go well.

My ladybugs arrived yesterday and I released them at dusk into the box garden, shook a few into the large planter pot on the porch, gave a few to the pepper plants near the back fence, and the last of them to the tomato plants. They eat malevolent pests.  So far the garden is looking very good anyway, but I’m sure there are nasty pests lying in wait to devastate my bell peppers, spinach, squash, scallions, tomatoes and melons. Ladybugs to the rescue!

Spring time in southeast Alabama is lovely–the days are pleasantly warm, everything blooms, and I’ve seen more birds of all kinds than I ever saw in California. Robins, bluejays, and this morning I spotted a red-headed bird sitting on the branch of a tree in my yard. It was of medium size, had a dark brown body. Don’t know what kind of bird it was. There are so many birds in the trees and they sing all day. I’m tempted to take up bird-watching so I can properly identify them.

Now that spring has sprung, those brazen squirrels are scampering in my pecan tree. They’re back!  I’m hoping, when the time comes, enough pecans fall so I can get some.

Happy writing!