at least the pecan tree is budding green

I’m having another crisis of doubt about Runaway Heart. I don’t know if I should keep working on it (rewriting the finished first draft) or let it take its place in the failed novel club. Is it worth the work of a second draft when it keeps falling apart?

I keep running into trouble as I try to rewrite it. I’ve been writing it and A Fall of Diamonds on alternate days, devoting one whole day to each. Today is Runaway Heart, but I’m dragging my feet or rather not placing butt in chair and opening the file. I mopped the bathroom floor instead hoping that a mindless task would bless me with a way to go on writing it. The bathroom is clean and shiny; the manuscript is not.

Think I’ll let A Fall of Diamonds have today.


7 thoughts on “at least the pecan tree is budding green

  1. If something’s not working, your subconscious is sending you a clue. I’d put the book aside for at least a month, then examine it to see where it goes off the track. Look at the story arc and turning points, as well as the character arcs.

  2. I found out that it was very distracting working on more than one major works at a time so when I was working on SHADOW OF THE LION I had to shelve all the other work and just focus on it. Otherwise part of the problem you are mixing yourself up especially if there’s different ‘voices’ in each story (as in the protagonists). Better just to decide which story is the most important and finish it. Then you have something else to go back to when that’s done.

  3. I have found if you are working on too many things at one time it can get very confusing. Best to set one aside and finish the one you are most keen on. Otherwise you lose the thread of the story and it’s easy to get mixed up.

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