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The Death of the Gravedigger_Schwabe

Peeked out the back door this morning. The hand-shaped leaves of the fig tree are yellowing, the tree itself turning skeletal as autumn slides toward winter. A leaf fell from the pecan tree. A lone butterfly rode the cool air in the bright autumn sunlight. One more day to Nanowrimo! My goal is to write 50,000 new words on A Fall of Diamonds, which should bring the manuscript to 80,000 words and finish it. I’m not much of a planner, but I’ve run into the wall so many times pantsing that I’m afraid to start something that’s going to go nowhere. So this year I spent considerable time outlining the story and doing story notes. My usual trepidation has faded, the outline is done,  and I feel ready to go! I know A Fall of Diamonds from beginning to end. I’ve got my major plot points in hand and my characters are primed for story. I know I’ll hit some bumps, but I should be able to write through them.

It’s nice to have a breather before the start of Nano, but I’m not sitting back waiting. I’m doing the second draft of a science fiction story I finished several weeks ago, and today I’ll be working my way through another page of it, maybe two. I’m taking my time with it.

In November, after I do my Nano pages, I may fool around with Shadow Walk–my zombie novel. It’s not about zombies; it just won’t stay dead. Once again, for the umpteenth time in as many years, it’s shuffling through my mind, urging me to do something with it.

On pre-order now at Amazon is Michelle Knowlden’s latest, cleverly titled, Egrets, I’ve Had A Few, the second book in her Deluded Detective series. Reserve your copy and get the first book free!

And, since it’s the spooky time of the year, I recommend my anthology, Grave Shadowsfive chilly tales of the dark side, on sale at Amazon.

Happy reading!