Today was almost a loss thanks to dealing with my Internet provider and Direct TV, but I got the problems solved, though it took all morning and made me late for starting on today’s bullet list of 7 to do’s. Got 4 of them done now, except for the priority: typing in the handwritten pages of a new short story. Will do that as soon as I finish this post, which is not on my bullet list, but it’s been a while since I wrote anything here.

I’ve got a number of writing projects to do and was stressing out so I decided to try something new to me: the Pomodoro system (write for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, write for 25 more minutes, take another 5-minute break, write for another 25 minutes, take a fifteen-minute break). I downloaded the Focus Time app to help me improve my productivity. I hate to have the day disappear without my having made progress on something, especially something at the top of my list like the short story. But dealing with Customer Service is exhausting, rattles my zen, and I usually need a relaxing cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) at the end.

It rained this afternoon, much to my cat Loki’s aggravation. She was outside, I was in my office, and she got a tad damp. When I opened the front door, intending to check the mailbox, she came running in, complaining, looking none to happy with the change in weather. Oh well. Her zen was rattled too.

I’m taking an editing class online, learning how to clean up my prose. I never know where or how to start and can’t tell if I’m improving the manuscript or making it worse. Now I have a clue. Discovered I need to cut back on the figurative language and adverbs (not all adverbs end in -ly, didn’t know that and found more than I care to admit in my manuscript). Me and my red pen are now buddies.

While working on Runaway Heart, I realized it was in the wrong point of view. Have to refocus the narrative, which means major rewriting of a completed work. May let it sit for a while. October’s sliding in view and I’ll be planning A Fall of Diamonds for Nano. I was hoping to have Runaway Heart ready by December 31st, but that might not happen.

I’m also supposed to send out a short story this week.


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  1. Tweeted this. I thought it was a realistic peek into a writer’s life. I’m inspired by the way you balance productivity and improving your craft.

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