drip, drip


Southern California this week is under the sun gun; the weather has been scorching. Loki, my normally ADD cat, has taken to napping against the porcelain throne. Only a few days ago June gloom grayed the skies and kidnapped the sun. Today is “cooler” than the previous four. It’s 93 degrees F right now in Long Beach, but will go up a couple more to 95 until evening, according to the weather report. But hey, what am I going on about? I love hot, sunny days!

Heat however can be distracting to my writerly focus. Another form of resistance.

In between all the moving to do’s, I’ve managed to fit in some time for A Fall of Diamonds, my historical fantasy romance trilogy, currently at 31,555 words. I’m looking at 100,000 words – 120,000 for the first book. I’m making progress little by little, but not much will get written until after I’m settled in Alabama.

Also edited a scene in The Foreigner.

Some writing is always better than no writing.



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