brass ring

Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Runaway Heart. 31,306 words. Almost there. Almost finished with the first draft. Looks like novella, and I’m fine with that. Think I’ll finish at 35,000, maybe more, but I’m in Act 3 and the ball is rolling to resolution.

I placed the non-fiction book, Writing Emotion: The Key to Writing Fiction That Sells on hold. I finished the first draft January 31. Then moved on to Runaway Heart because I really wanted to get the first draft done by March 31 but life stomped all over this week. Now I’m aiming for April 10. The extra days takes lightens the pressure.

Big changes are coming for me–bought a house and moving out of state. The word wrestle goes on but sometimes the ring is going to be empty, the brass bell silent.

No worries!


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  1. Love that “ring is going to be empty, the brass bell silent.” Nice mix of words. Congratulations on the house!

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