crumbling cookies


Goodness! Seems like ages since I posted anything. It’s not like I don’t have content to write but the current WIP(s) take all my time–guess that’s the way it should be. Once I get started on one of them, the hours of the day stack themselves. Before I know it, another day has come and gone without my writing the post I have on my mind.


  • I have not even finished all my travel posts or kept up with recording my progress here.
  • I’ve finished the first draft of Writing Emotion.
  • I submitted The Obelisk to market.
  • I’ve written over 20,000 words on Runaway Heart and then sliced away a good many. Must have this novella finished by March 31st so it’s got priority for the month.
  • I’ve finished the outline of A Fall of Diamonds. (This one’s careening through my mind like a runaway elephant, but can’t delve into the writing yet.)

Sean Coyne’s podcasts are keeping me going.



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