do you know when you’re happy



Do you know when you’re happy? Do you recognize when you’re happy? I ask because it occurred to me I don’t know when I’m happy. Isn’t that strange?

Daily life can be overwhelming and stressful. I become buried in mundanities, in keeping up with my responsibilities, social obligations, solving quality of life issues–like dealing with traffic, trying to straighten out a misconstrued bill caught in the Kafka-esque world of administrative bureaucracy, realizing you’ve lost your wallet, your cellphone, finding your car stolen, your home broken into, your identity stolen, oh man, the list goes on, doesn’t it?

So I don’t know when I’m happy. Yet I know when I’m unhappy–that’s never a question of doubt. But when I look back, I see and I say to myself, oh, I was happy then! Why didn’t I see that? Why wasn’t I grateful?

One of the keys to happiness, I believe, is gratitude. Be grateful for your life because life, in all its unpredictability, is opportunity.

By opportunity I mean the chance to forgive yourself, forgive others, keep your promises, mend your trespasses, attain your dreams, love yourself and love others.

Because once the thread of your life has spun and the thread is cut, all your chances are gone. Once the thread of those in your life is cut, all your chances to do what you’d wished you’d done–like forgive, mend, love–are gone.

What it basically comes down to is following the golden rule (Do unto others as you would have done to you.), respecting yourself and the people in your life, recognizing your blessings, letting go of what you cannot change, adapt, be yourself, be grateful. And live one day at a time.

Tomorrow is always the first day of the rest of your life.





3 thoughts on “do you know when you’re happy

  1. Nice post today. A thoughtful one. There’s also that pesky difference between happiness and joy where the former is dependent on circumstances.

  2. Indeed. “Joy” is the term used in the Bible. It is a state of being not dependent on external circumstances. It encompasses inner enlightenment of spirit, compassion and grace. It is, I think, a more difficult state to attain.
    Thank you!

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