The Bone Box, 22,242. No new narrative this week, but lots of story notes on The Bone Box, trying to get it moving again, and The Serene Widow–just planning notes and research. Travel prep is the external reason why I’ve not been writing; doubt the internal. What I fail to realize, and I’m seeing that now, is I have my stories in hand and I should run with my thoughts; I don’t have to reinvent the wheel or twist my brain into a pretzel trying to come up with some mind-blowing idea when all I need to write a great story is already there in the words I’ve written, in my thoughts, and in my story notes. I only need to keep writing and move forward, but instead I stop.


The problem is DOUBT. I doubt every word I write. That has got to stop. Doubt is why The Bone Box has stalled again. Doubt is why I have several unfinished short stories concretizing in my files. Doubt isn’t a demon or a weasel; it’s that person I see in the mirror.

Tuesday I’ll be in Paris, the start of the cruise! I’m taking work with me. Besides The Bone Box, which I’ve uploaded to my Kindle Fire documents folder, I’m taking 3 short stories–one a possible flash fiction–that I plan to work on during the trip. I’ll have time at Marksburg, ’cause I’m not climbing that castle again as marvelous as it was the first time on the Rhine tour, I can’t take those steep rocky walkways and narrow winding stairs again. Loved Heidelberg, but I’m skipping the city walk and castle this time in favor of getting some writing done, although I hope I have a chance to find that one little chocolate shop in Heidelberg Old Town and buy some chocolate! My cousin complained when I didn’t bring him back a larger box.

We will be in France, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Prague! I’ve wanted to see Prague for a long time. So looking forward to getting a look at this beautiful old city. I was very pleased with the photos (and video) I took using my mini iPad and my iPhone on the Danube tour so I’m not taking my camera this time, but my new iPhone 6S Plus, my Kindle Fire, which has a camera, and my iPad. I plan to use the iPhone most of the time.

I’m also not taking my laptop. Rheumatoid arthritis has crippled the little fingers on each hand and I can no longer touch type as my hands won’t fit over a keyboard anymore–I have to two-finger it, and I always fret about losing my laptop while going through security. I’ll be going the low tech/no tech route with the writing–good old pen and paper. I’m taking my Moleskine journal plus an additional journal to write in, and my travel journal for scribbling about places and things.

Who knows–maybe I’ll finish The Bone Box aboard ship.

Meanwhile this morning I’m going to open up The Bone Box in Scrivener and see if I can at least get a nifty 350!