clouds as white as bone


For the first time in many weeks, I’ve not had the ceiling fan on constant rotation. Sunny today, but only 79 degrees F, and tonight will be blessedly cool. Spent the morning clearing out storage, preparing to move to a smaller unit and get rid of more stuff! I’m promising myself to stop keeping stuff! Problem is most of the stuff is boxes and boxes of books. It’s hard to let them go and I’m going to keep a good many, I’m sure.

Took some boxes to the Salvation Army and, idiot me, left my reading glasses in one of the boxes. Discovered they were missing after I’d been home for an hour! Dismay. Panic. Hustled Junior (yes I name my cars) back to the Donation Center and an obliging employee found them for me! Luckily the box was still on the cart and the carts hadn’t yet been moved to Salvation Army’s second-level storage where my reading glasses would’ve been lost amid rows and rows of anonymous cart, much like that final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Ark was “filed” amid the government archives. I’m grateful to that helpful Salvation Army employee who took the time to help idiot me. Thank you so much! Saved me from having to order a new pair of prescription reading glasses.

So now I’m trying to settle my mind and get to the writing.

Anyway, late to the story today, but yesterday was very productive, 1200 words written, and the counter has advanced to 18,936. Who knows–I may just make the 30,0000 by October 31st. But, as I work on the story, as I see it playing out, it might come in at 25,000 instead. We’ll see.


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