in her dress of lifeless jewels








October has So Cal in a hot daze, swaddled in uncharacteristic humidity, temps in the eighties and nineties. October is Nano prep month so I set aside The Bone Box and started preliminary work on The Serene Widow, the Regency romance I’ve been wanting to write for a long while now that I decided would be the Nano book this year, changing my mind once again from my original 5X5 writing plan.

The Bone Box, silent for the past weeks, started whispering to me again, resulting in 1,254 new words and a small advance in the word count. I’m relieved to know that the story is still alive and kicking. Sometimes it’s hard to reconnect when I’ve let a project lie for a while. I’m almost to the halfway point.Isabella.Pot of Basil

I’ve decided not to sign up for Nano because in November I’m off to Europe with friends and writing 7 pages a day while touring might happen when I have down time, but highly unlikely to be consistent and I don’t need the stress. Being stressed when one is on a fabulous trip defeats the purpose. Life is a journey and I plan to smell as many roses as possible.

This will be the first year in 7 that I’ve skipped Nano. I’m taking Viking’s Cities of Light river cruise (I love river cruises!) and I leave for Paris mid-November.  I could see how much of The Serene Widow I get done by then, but I don’t expect to reach 50,000 words since I’m not back until November 30. No worries. One of the advantages of the writing life is being your own boss.

However I’m going to work like a dog desperate to find the buried bone to complete The Bone Box by October 31st! Yeah that’s in two weeks. Life’s an ongoing challenge. It would be an absolute kick to finish by the end of this month!

Meanwhile, I revised a short story, The Obelisk, and got back a submitted story, Parting Gift, which I’m going to revise before sending it out again. And oh my goodness, I still have not sent out Dust! That will not do, Bear.



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