sunlight through rain

Lady of Shalott

1,027 words on The Bone Box, two hours work. I’m satisfied with the morning session which ran well into lunch time. The writing went slowly because my skills challenge is to write to show, not tell. I think I tell too much. Have to master the art of showing because that’s how emotion is infused in fiction.

The idea is not to make a scene longer necessarily, but to enhance the reader’s experience, to make details vivid, and add depth and dimension to the scene. The scene I wrote this morning has some good showing in it, but it could be better.



One thought on “sunlight through rain

  1. Showing the reader takes longer but will pay off in the long run. I worry about getting too bogged down in it, I just finished a read where the author showed too much, too often and the piece became unnecessarily heavy.

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