undersea mountains are scary


Here we are at the last weekend in September, temperature predicted to be 90 degrees Fahrenheit today. Summer has Fall in a hammerlock. Pretty much where The Bone Box has me. But Fall’s not going to tap-out and neither am I.

The word tracker says 30% done, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I’ve got a ways to go, not so much in words as in story substance. I think I’ve got a good story, and I’d hoped not to get into trouble with it. Meetings in dark alleys never go well.

Lady of Shalott

Since it’s Saturday, The Bone Box can hang until Monday. The hours are sliding by. I got lost this morning in the crevasses of admin stuff–answering e-mail and updating my calendar so I know what’s what in October, and then catching up on my blog-reading. Now I’m doing this post while today’s to-do, The Serene Widow, taps her foot. I’ll get there shortly.


There’s a scene in The Bone Box titled “Bleeding Eyes.” I wrote two versions of it in Scrivener, deleted the original–oops–and decided I wanted it back so had to recreate it. I forgot about the nifty Snapshot tool in Scrivener that lets you take a snapshot of a scene, saves it in the Inspector, and if you change your mind, you can rollback to the original scene. Suffice to say, since I’m a ruthless reviser with a mind like a weathervane, that I’ve snapped all the original scenes just in case I wake up with my thoughts blowing in a different direction–again.


Time I got to The Serene Widow, just brainstorming and story planning notes right now.

Isabella.Pot of Basil


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