yesterday was better, under the bus today


Lachrymae(Mary Lloyd) Frederic Lord LeightonI’m lost this morning, have not written word one. I thought I’d run an errand, but I didn’t have to move Junior and I let myself get distracted reviewing my monthly budget. Now it’s after ten and I’m not sure what I’m doing. Loki is being irritatingly bad this morning, much like her namesake. Tonight is Fictionaires so I guess I’ve got that on my mind.

In the technical parlance of meteorologists, it’s cooler today, a high of 77 degrees F is predicted. Outside it’s sunny and a breeze stirs the lindens so looks like a pretty nice day. Also looks like it’s going to be a zero day 😦 but maybe not. I just have to write the first sentence and the ball may roll.

Yesterday went well, wrote 1072 words, the waterfall scene stands at 1828 now. The manuscript is at 7981 words so can’t complain about yesterday. Also did more brainstorming on A Fall of Diamonds last night.