the lindens shine in the rain


Rain this morning! Nice! Today being Tuesday, it’s an off-schedule day for The Bone Box, meaning I don’t start at 10 a.m. and follow The Plan because Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are street sweeping days. Parking is tough, very tough, in my neighborhood and almost always Junior (aka my Toyota Yaris) ends up on the wrong side of the street. Come Tuesday morning, got to move Junior before 8 a.m. So Tuesday (and Wednesday) mornings are errand-running times. Usually I get everything I have to get done on Tuesday so Wednesday falls to The Plan.

I may get my 1000 words later today.

Yesterday morning got a late start, but made my quota by noon, 1002 words to be exact, and slid into Chapter 3. I really wasn’t sure how things would go, but I found the words. Manuscript now at 6909.

After lunch I researched settings–the island, the mansion, the supernatural realm of the occult bone box. And then, round about six, I pulled out A Fall of Diamonds and brainstormed the novel. I’m not working on this book (‘though I’ve got nearly 18,000 words written), but it was whispering insistently at the back of my mind, and I’ve got a warm spot for it in my heart, so I gave in, opened up the Scrivener file, started a journal, and wrote notes until the whispering stopped a couple hours later.

All in all, I enjoyed yesterday.

Oh one more thing, The Bone Box was going to be this year’s Nano book, but I’m writing the discovery draft now so, not! I’ve already chosen a new project for Nano.