free fall sunday(s)


Sunday rolls around, dreaming synapses perk up and spark me awake and the brain says: It’s Sunday, chickadee, let’s play!

Can’t play. Got to do my 1000 words and follow The Plan.

The brain isn’t happy. Ok. A call for more flexibility in The Plan. What can I do that’ll make the brain happy and not break The Plan?

Brain:  How ’bout we throw out the clock and just do whatever we fall into?

Alrighty! The brain, having been in the straitjacket of time all week loves not following the clock today.

The child inside must be appeased. In an effort to be disciplined, to keep the promise made to myself, I tend to become the tyrannical parent to my creative child. I don’t want my passion about The Bone Box to transform into drudgery. Writing is hard enough as it is.

Ironically, the key to keeping to a schedule is flexibility, as I’ve mentioned before. Compromise with the inner child and I won’t break The Plan. I won’t fall into beating myself up as a weak-willed slacker who can’t keep to my plan.

So what did the brain and I do?

  • Over breakfast and a couple cups of freshly ground Starbucks Muan Jai blend, we had a story meeting. It was fun! Some additional ideas about The Bone Box had floated into view–ideas about setting mostly, which will also aide the plot. I did a little research, wrote a batch of story notes, made some small changes in the scenes I’d written, and generally played around with story stuff.
  • We watched a series of lectures by Brandon Sanderson on writing fantasy at Write About Dragons on YouTube.
  • And we’ll do our 1000 words later today.

I’ve found that imposing a schedule and trying to follow it strictly doesn’t work well if it doesn’t mesh with how I am. By integrating The Plan with my distractible nature and adjusting Sundays to be free-flowing, I keep the failure demon in chains.


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