weeds and daisies

The Palace Guard.Gerome

The Palace Guard, Gerome

Down to a couple boxes of manuscripts now. Time to think about my writing schedule. First up is The Bone Box, still in planning stage. Have lots of story notes and a corkboard scene layout in Scrivener. Ideas are still coming, weeds and daisies. The Bone Box is this year’s Nano book. I want to be ready when November gets here.

I’ve cleared the deck, all moved in, all unpacked 99% with just those last couple boxes of manuscripts to organize. All my novel files are now in the Cloud, but I’ve got 2 boxes of paper to clear. Paper, paper, paper–makes me crazy.

And then —

  • Want to finish my Danube Waltz cruise posts
  • Want to find a market for Terrible Thing, again (Dust is out seeking a home, finally)
  • Want to re-plot A Useful Blind (finished, but it’s a hot mess)
  • Want to think about The Redemption of Cainan
  • Also, my Regency, The Serene Widow
  • And there’s: A Fall of Diamonds
  • And: A Lamentation of Swans
  • And a new short story

In my head this list is longer.


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