veiled in story




There are deeper ideas in The Foreigner than I’ve touched upon so far in the planning. There are things that will rise out of the scenes that are not clear to me now, but I hope will become clear in the writing.

I like the way ideas feed on each other in writing. I wish I could sit down and blissfully write, but it’s hammer and chisel all the way with me.

Something to remember from listening to Kazuo Ishiguro being interviewed at Don’t worry about the logistics of characters. Focus on relationships and the characters will take care of themselves. And these relationships, whatever they may be between the characters, are shaped by a culture and society warped by the perpetuation of cruel traditions and an oppressive religion.

I’ve completed the structural synopsis and made a corkboard list of all the scenes I’ve thought of so far. I think I’m ready to pick up the writing again.


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