the horror zine

Here’s the cover! Artwork by Luke Spooner and cover production by Bruce Memblatt.THZ Summer 2015


5 thoughts on “the horror zine

  1. Great site! The horror zine is one of my favorite magazines (I’ll actually be submitting a story of mine there next month). I also really like the name of your upcoming fantasy book, “The Lamentations of Swans”. It’s a great title!
    One of your earlier blogs really resonated with me, I believe it was called “What I’m sick of”. I (as well as many other writers, I’m sure) suffer these issues as well. I try my best to write everyday, but I too often get wrapped up in other obligations. It’s incredibly frustrating! Anyway, I appreciated your candor on the issue.
    If you’re into horror, feel free to check out our site. Its an ongoing multimedia horror story that started out on Facebook but has now been expanded to Word Press. If you’re interested (no obligations, of course) feel free to click on the link:
    Again, I really like your blog and will continue to follow it. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hey thanks so much! Will check out the ongoing story. I try to be disciplined and diligent but I’m incredibly distractable! Every glittering thing draws my attention. So glad you like my blog, though I don’t always post as regularly as I should. I love that “what i’m sick of” struck a chord with you; it’s one of my favorite posts. Again, thanks for enjoying penpanther!

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