Rabbiting about this morning, on my second cup of coffee, caught up on my reading of Caitlin Kiernen’s blog journal. Outside it’s bright and sunny, but don’t know if it’s cool or warm ’cause have not poked my head out the door yet. Some days I’m content to imagine outside rather than experience it.
Today’s agenda is supposed to be:

– Work on Shadow Walk
– Write two pages on Romancing the Night
– Write the opening scene to a new Jerob and Rafael short story; the opening scene is all I have in mind at the moment–an ex-Buffalo Soldier and a vampire walk into a bar–well, saloon actually. I don’t mean for the story to be a joke, but that’s my take on the opening scene, gives me a peg to hang stuff on. It’s supposed to be this week’s short story.

If I could stop rabbiting about …


4 thoughts on “addendum-dum

  1. So much work–when it may be nice and oh-so Aprilish outside.

    • Oh yes it’s been beautiful all week. Saturday I will be out–attending the Literary Orange Conference. Looking forward to it!😀

    • Thinking about it is amusing! Who knows–may turn into something fun!

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