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The Mermaid.Study.Waterhouse This afternoon it’s cool and a breeze ruffles the leaves of the tree next door. The sky is patchy with gray clouds, looks like rain is on the way. Easter Sunday brought me an acceptance from The Horror Zine for my horror short story, Shadow, much to my delight. The Horror Zine, edited by Jeani Rector, has gained a fine reputation since it began in 2009, and I’m pleased to be in its pages for the second time. My first horror short story, Ghost of Roses, was in its first issue. Shadow will be in the Summer 2015 issue coming out in July. I just received the proof copy today and the artwork, as always, is excellent. Eight hours yesterday plus three more today, finished the first round of edits on Dust. In addition to taking it from 8014 words to a lean 5968, I’ll go over the manuscript one more time, then I’ll set it aside for a week to let it cool. Must carve out some time to rewrite the third act of Shadow Walk, and this time, I hope I’m successful with it. On top of that, this being the second week of April, I have to write a short story in keeping with my objective of writing one short story a week. It’s Tuesday and I’ve no idea what as yet. Also, I’m already behind on my Camp Nano novel, Romancing the Night. Not one new word added to the 6500 I’ve got or even any work done yet. Well, it’ll come.


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  1. Oh, awesome! Congrats on your acceptance! It sounds like things are progressing nicely for you. It sounds like you’ve set a pretty rigorous work schedule, but remember to take time to celebrate the victories. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much, Becky! Yeah must remember to stop and smell the roses! 😊

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