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To quote Alexandra Sokoloff, nothing supernatural could possibly be more horrifying than the evil that people do. My sentiment exactly. I often say there’s nothing horrible under the sun that a human being hasn’t done to another human being. Evil is timeless and people are endlessly creative when it comes to doing bloody harm to each other. Horror movies can’t compete with real life. I suppose this is why I’m suddenly able to watch my least favorite horror movies, zombie films. Over the past months, I’ve watched a number of zombie horror movies, much to my surprise. I guess, having spent the last quarter of 2014 watching a slew of horror films, especially Japanese and other Asian horror, my resistance to viewing zombie films broke down, but not completely. I tend to leave the room when the intestine-eating sequences go on forever. There’s still some that I won’t watch–they’re too graphic or are zombie porn. And nope, I’ve not yet watched The Walking Dead, but I probably will eventually.

My horror preference runs dark. I like Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, M. R. James, and other authors who write dark and weird fiction. I love ghost stories in both books and film. The Sixth Sense is one of my all-time favorite movies, and Japanese ghost movies are the best (The Grudge, The Ring), and then there’s HellRaiser, Stir of Echoes, The Orphanage, and The Others. Another favorite is Caitlin Kiernan. I collect her work obsessively, and although I can’t afford the additional expense right now, I plan to re-subscribe to her Sirenia Digest.  My best friend gave me The Ape’s Wife and Other Stories. Kiernan is unique.

Of course I’m not forgetting my shameless love of vampires. I recently re-watched After Dark and Let the Right One In. Seeing as this blog is already too long, I’ll save my vampire craziness for another time. I need to get on with today’s work, The Redemption of Cainan, which I plan to submit to RWA’s Second Chance anthology. Right now it’s at 2,903 words (and I’ve made my February goal of writing 2000 words this month! Yay me!) I hope to finish it by the 28th.

Happy Saturday!



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  1. I agree that humans are more frightening than any supernatural beast. That’s actually the reason I like zombie movies. It’s not the zombies that get me, or the gore, but rather the breakdown of society, the way the pressures of impending death brings out the worst in people. Twenty Eight Days Later is a good example of this. Have you seen it?

    • Yes! I own it in fact. You’re absolutely right–it is how humans react that makes it all terrifying.

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