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Roca_del_jardín_de_las_delicias_El_Gran_MasturbadorFinished Nano yesterday. A Useful Blind weighed in at 50454 words, half of which will be going away for sure. It was touch and go for a while, didn’t think I’d finish this year, but perseverance paid off. The weather is autumn-cool today. Sky full of giant cumulus clouds backlit by the hidden sun, and the air is cold, sharpened by the breezes. Looks like winter is trying to settle in, but in Southern California you can’t be sure about the season. Rain is predicted this week. Made a pot of turkey soup with orange and yellow carrots, a diced potato, onion, a touch of garlic, and mushrooms. Perfect for a placidly  melancholy day. It came out delicious.

Working on Dust this afternoon. It’s at 7294 words (33 pages). I’m trying to figure out how to develop the story fully. I can see the pacing is off and the structure needs strengthening. My main worry is the action, rising it ain’t.

Reading Inferno, an anthology of terror and the supernatural, edited by Ellen Datlow. Found some jewels in it. Misadventure by Stephen Gallagher, Inelastic Collisions, Elizabeth Bear; The Monsters of Heaven, Nathan Ballingrud; 13 O’Clock, Mike O’Driscoll; Ghorla, Mark Samuels; Face, Joyce Carol Oates; The Keeper, P. D. Cacek. Not finished yet; there are 20 stories total.

Not planning on looking at A Useful Blind again until 2015.



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  1. Good for you for finishing. I’ve got to pull my w.i.p. out again and try to get back into it. Because of all the edits and things for SHADOW (for the publisher – which weren’t much but still time consuming) I haven’t worked on it since about this time last year. So I’ll have to read it through to get the cadence back.
    Crisp weather here, a little scattering of snow. Good soup weather!

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