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Black Forest 2

The past week has been suffocatingly hot–day and night; heat radiating off glass and concrete, falling from the gaping blue sky as if a great furnace door had swung open, and at night, relentless. The chance for sleep practically nil. But today, here near the beach, a cool fog has rolled in and this morning is beautifully fresh. A great relief, I’m sure, to all those for whom heat is a torture.

Last week I finished the third round of edits on A USEFUL BLIND, (formerly SLEIGHT OF HAND) but I’m not done yet. A fourth round waits in the wings.  Reading Susan Bell’s The Artful Edit; it’s illuminating, casting a great light on editing and revising. She quotes the poet Paul Valery, referring to the process of endless revision, who once said of his poems, “A poem is never finished; only abandoned.”

Lake of the Rose. Have made a number of good notes in planning this novel again. The draft I have is dreck. Now with the re-plan, I’ve decided on a better, stronger start, but I can’t begin writing it yet. I must determine the incidents; what happens in the story and see how the characters react. Right now Summer’s husband, Josh, is a handsome cipher, barely real in my mind. Summer’s grief at the loss of their baby, her second miscarriage, defines her somewhat for me. And there’s the antagonists, Dani and Vaughn. All charm; all evil intent. What do the innocent do when they encounter pure evil?



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  1. Lake of Rose sounds really interesting to me. I think tackling the subject of miscarriage is very brave of you. It’s not something people usually write about. Now I sort of want to read it.

    • Thanks, Becky! It’ll be a while before I actually get around to writing the story and I hope it turns out well.

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