glory be!


Have had a revolutionary change of mind about how I write! For years I’ve written out of sequence. I think solely in scenes and so would write whatever scene came to mind and put it all in order later. This has given me no end of writing problems and made it difficult for me to finish my novels and short stories, but I didn’t think I could write any other way by any other method. After pots, bowls, and pans of frustration, I decided to rewire my brain and think differently–write in sequence. Didn’t think I could do it, but my short story, Dust, proved me wrong.

Dust has sat in my files unfinished for over a year, and I’ve been lost about what to do with it. I was waiting for the inspiration for the next scene. After re-reading what I’d written, I realized the next scene had to grow from the scene before. What a concept! I wrote the next scene–based on a decision my character makes–and it yielded another scene–in sequence! This has never happened to me before. Makes you wonder how I wrote anything at all, doesn’t it? But I did write and I did finish a few things, but what a mess!

Now while I’m not sure yet how the latest scene will go, I’m confident I’ll write it and it’ll give me the scene that follows.

Oh my goodness! I may get into the habit of finishing my fiction. Glory be! I think my long-time writer’s block has shattered.

I must give credit to my best friend for inspiring me to try a different route in how I write. Sometimes it takes someone else to provide the candle in the dark.


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