the night circus


Reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and liking it very much. The story is shaped like a jewel with many facets, sparkling at every turn. Had some difficulty with the pacing at first, and put it down for a while, but recently went back to it and the beautiful writing has kept me reading. The book is a marvelous fantasy.

I’m nearly finished with my second revision of Sleight of Hand. I’m delighted at having figured out a new ending, much better than the one I’d written before. But, unfortunately, I’ve let my Camp Nano project go, deciding I didn’t need the pressure so Romancing the Night remains on my agenda, but I’ll be working on it at my own leisurely pace.

My focus is on completing Sleight of Hand and getting it ready for publication.


3 thoughts on “the night circus

  1. I started to read The Night Circus, but put it down. Nice prose, but the pace was a bit slow for me. Hope to pick it up again soon. Glad Sleight of Hand is working out.

  2. Michelle, me too!

    Becky, yes I put it down for a long, long time. The pacing got to me too; it really is s-l-o-w, but the writing drew me in at last and now I’m moving along with it.
    I’m happy with Sleight of Hand too, which, by the way, has a new title, A Useful Blind. Still have some work to do on it though.

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