no brain friday


3,778, Romancing the Night. This morning the brain informed me that it was taking the day off; what could I do?  I meant to write at least 500 words, if not a thousand, on Romancing the Night, but the brain folded its virtual arms and said not doing it.

I spent part of the morning catching up with the latest two issues of Randy Ingermanson’s (the Snowflake Guy) Advanced Fiction Writing e-zine. I roasted tomatoes, took myself out to lunch, and drove to Century City to meet a friend for a drink, on the way I stopped at Big Lots on Sepulveda and did a little shopping. Some days are like that.

I’m at loose ends this evening, feeling a little guilty, but the brain is still on vacation, so I’m going to watch replays of Sleepy Hollow at the Fox site. November’s a long way off and I miss Abby and Ichabod!