Astarte, book cover by Thomas Canty

Thomas Canty is one of my favorite fantasy artists. I love the book covers he does. I find them evocative and inspiring, and his technique of capturing texture and fabric blows my mind. Whole worlds are contained in a single cover illustration by Canty.

I’m in a tizzy about  A Fall of Diamonds, the new fantasy historical mystery romance I’m planning. Just looking at “fantasy historical mystery romance” is enough of an indication. Maybe drop “historical” and go with “fantasy mystery romance.” That gives the genre and cross-genre, and it seems less a mess. There is an intriguing mystery and a strong romance, but the romance isn’t the focus so maybe I shouldn’t say “romance.” That leaves “fantasy mystery.” Much cleaner. Well…we’ll see.

I’ve got it partly outlined. I need an outline for this novel because I want to know what I’m going to write, and with a mystery storyline and a romance storyline and the two of them crossing and intersecting, my head needs to be clear, the brain can’t be in a blither.

Right now I’m in the planning stage, and I don’t want to start writing until I feel the story coming together. When I hear the characters’ voices and have keyed into their thoughts, I’m close to ready. But not yet.

So my brain is spinning. Will spend today in planning hell–you know coming up with ideas and developing them into a compelling story is the hard part. All that thinking makes my head hurt and puts me in a tizzy.


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