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So almost ten days into the new year and I still have not posted anything! I’ve got stuff–two posts planned, but not drafted yet plus my usual review of the gone baby gone year, books read and movies seen lists, and goals. I’ve been buried in Sleight of Hand. I’m so near the end, have 5 scenes to write, and just can’t get down word one on anything. The procrastination monkey has been messing with me. I so want to finish the story!

What have I been doing with Sleight of Hand if not writing new narrative? Rearranging scenes and deleting stuff, some line editing here and there. Scrivener is so much fun. Love that cork board! I told myself not to do a complete read-through until I have finished the story.

Going to try for at least a page this afternoon.

Happy writing!


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  1. Hi, I didn’t do any writing for 3 weeks over the holidays partly due to a head cold, partly due to being away etc. But I’ve tried to make it up this week and get caught up. I haven’t touched my w.i.p. novel in ages though and really need to focus on that now I’ve caught up with trael writing. Did a couple of new blogs for http://shadowofthelion.com (my novel) but none for my other blogs. Now I have to start planning stuff for my writing classes that start next week.
    Lots of work, for sure. Good luck with yours.!

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