Sinking Ships

Sinking Ships Cover with Eric's picture

Unusual characters combined with unusual ideas are a hallmark of noted mystery writer Michelle Knowlden. Sinking Ships is no exception to her talent. From the first page, I was hooked. Needing money to continue her education, Leslie Greene becomes an Abishag wife, a young woman whose job is to provide therapeutic comfort to comatose men in a temporary marriage that ends when the man dies. A unique and fascinating idea, and Miss Knowlden does it justice in a story with surprising twists and turns. Leslie is a courageous young woman determined to do her absolute best despite the prejudicial attitudes she encounters. Arriving at the home of her new husband, Thomas Crowder, Leslie finds the body of Hillary, Thomas Crowder’s niece, dead on the kitchen floor. With an eye to the care and comfort of her comatose husband, Leslie sets about solving the woman’s murder. Blackmail, an old secret, and a tragic shipwreck combine to make Sinking Ships a fascinating and well-written mystery. This is the first in a series of Abishag mysteries and, having read the excerpt included at the end for the next one, Indelible Beats,  I am eager for it. Not to be missed!