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Rainy day and cold. As the season deepens, the weather decided to remind us just what time of the year it is. A fine day for curling up with a hot, spicy beverage, and Kaye Wilson Klem’s Image in Ivory.

Seeking a family heirloom, 21st Century Carrie Todd switches places with Caroline Renard, daughter of a Tory aristocrat, to land in the American Revolution, captive of a darkly dangerous Continental Scout.  Star-crossed love threatens both Carrie and Caroline, their fate tied to a 200-year-old tragedy they must struggle to right. New at Amazon Kindle and free for three days, December 6, 7, and 8.

I’ve done my 2013 Writing Progress Assessment and I’m ready for today’s Writing Saturday meeting and this evening is the end of the year celebratory dinner at Summit House. So looking forward to it!


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