less than 5,000 to go


Mädchen im Profil mit Schwarzer Mantille, Fredrich von Amerling

45,372 NANO YA. I’ve been lax in keeping the word count at pendrifter, but the final week is coming up. It’s been fun and crazy and aggravating as usual. I bought myself a bottle of Fetzer cabernet sauvignon 2010 to celebrate…well had to do a little celebrating beforehand too, but there’s plenty left for the official celebrating!

The manuscript has leprechaun’s pot of good ideas that I hope to develop into a really good story later.

Meanwhile, yesterday, I worked on A Lamentation of Swans (the Mira version). It’s at 5,632 words (Scrivener count). Word gives me a different count–5,559. Don’t understand why I get two different counts.

Writer’s group meeting today. Read from Sleight of Hand and also the first 8 pages of the untitled NANO manuscript–just for fun. Received good comments on both and suggested fixes from the group. The NANO manuscript will go into the file for a while–until it stops steaming–and then I’ll have another go at it. Sleight of Hand–hope to finish it soon.

Happy writing!