T-minus Z-plus


National Novel Writing Month is T-minus 8 days away and I’m fretting. I know I shouldn’t do that. This year  for NANO I’m writing a YA zombie novel–yep, you read that right. Zombie-phobic me is going to give it a go. Not that I’ve suddenly become a zombie fanatic; I decided I ought to move outside of my comfort zone. And my zombies will definitely be the disgusting decaying dead, shuffling, driven, and ravenous. I don’t know what my sister and brother, orphaned in an apocalyptic world, are going to do.


And I won’t be writing alone. The Cohort will be with me. Still…it’ll be just me and Isis-Athena (my MacBook Pro), and oh yeah La Muse who will probably be sunning herself on a remote island and not thinking about poor me at all.

NANO does allow some prep work. I’ve got notes and a rough index card outline. I know a little of what’s going to happen. So I should focus on the fun part of prepping for NANO–muffins and chocolate and Cheetos! Ritz crackers! Coffee and tea! A bottle of wine–not for celebrating, just to get me through the pages! 50,000 words…sigh.

Happy writing!

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