in the row boat, in the sea



Good work yesterday. The Jerob Deal steampunk mystery is at 7,954 words; I wrote 1,158 words since last Friday. There are holes, but all can be fixed once I finish and go through it again. I’ve hit what feels like a wall in front of the resolution, not sure how Jerob is going to expose the killer, but I’ve got him on the right path at least.

No work on my other mystery, Jealous Wine. It’s at 6,849 words from the last time I worked on it in August. I’ve added another project–writing a new storyline for Tempting Fate, a fantasy romance started several years ago. Re-reading the first chapter set my imagination to ticking again, and now I’d like to continue it.

Also, I’m liking very much the friendship between Jerob Deal and Rafael Torrance, his vampire friend. They are shaping up to be two fun characters.

The Foreigner remains on my agenda, although no work on it this week.

I’m reading Lilith Saintcrow’s The Iron Wyrm Affair, a Clare and Bannon mystery. I read her Dante Valentine series years ago and loved it. Still thinking over how I feel about this particular book, but I love the Victorian steampunk plus sorcery world she’s created.

Weatherwise, we’re having a hot Fall; the heat wave lingers, although yesterday was cooler. Think I’ll spend some time with Tempting Fate today.