where have the words gone?

Les Diabolliques.Barbey dAurevilly by Felicien Rops

Outside it’s a lovely, sun-bright day. Perfectly summer. I’m greatly tempted to take a walk, but I’m only two pages in on today’s writing, and I promised myself four. Yesterday was productive–1,748 words on Chapter 3 of Trail of Shadows. Nothing new on the Jerob Deal story or Jealous Wine, except I decided to dispense with a particular plot point in JW and simplify the storyline.

I always hit a point where all the words, all the story I’m thinking about, disappears, and I don’t know what to do. It’s frustrating. Yesterday I looked at the story from the villain’s point of view. That was very helpful and set things in motion again. Today it’s monkey mind. I think I’ll make a list of everything I know I need to write for the next two chapters. That ought to jog some words loose.


5 thoughts on “where have the words gone?

  1. Hot and sunny here today too. I went to waterfit in the morning, intended to work on a travel story this afternoon. So far have only printed out some research info. It’s hard to work in the summer’s heat!

    • Hi Becky! “Monkey mind” is from Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones”, I think–might’ve been one of her other books. It’s a lack of focus when you can’t seem to concentrate on anything, or get your thoughts together. d:)

      By the way, having trouble commenting at your blog again–it just won’t let me pass the robot words.

  2. I like Monkey mind too and hadn’t remembered it coming from Goldberg. I must read that book again. With mysteries, I find it’s best to write the scenes from lining up clues that lead the reader to the end and red-herrings that provide some conflict. Hope that helps!

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