white hare two-step


Appreciate everybody’s kind words wishing me a good recovery. It’s working. I’m feeling much better. I’m not good at sitting around–well, lying around–with time hanging over me so as soon as I could get one thought to cling to another, I pulled out a couple pieces of short fiction and set to work.

I’m writing two short fantasy pieces: Jealous Wine, a murder mystery in a medieval fantasy setting, 6.129 words so far. Not sure how long it’ll be. I love it though. It’s set in one of my favorite fantasy worlds–old Angharad. My amateur detective serves the prince. He’s attempting to solve the sorcerous murder of a Prince’s Companion.

The other is untitled and is also a murder mystery set in the steampunk West. My main characters are an ex-Buffalo Soldier and a vampire who was once a Jesuit. 3,616 words so far. Not sure how long it’ll be either.

I’m not a mystery writer, but mystery plots make good stories and give me a fighting chance to defeat the doubt demons.

I’ve lost my fire for my novels for the time being, although I have been thinking of A Lamentation of Swans.


2 thoughts on “white hare two-step

  1. Even if you aren’t working on your novel, as long as you keep writing, you’re ok. I like the title “Jealous Wine” and the premise seems intriguing. It’s cool that you’re stretching yourself by writing mysteries. I’ve never been able to write one myself, though I love to read them.

    • I’m not good at writing them either, but yes I love to read them! Don’t know what makes me think I can write one!

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